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The ingredients

The first ingredient is simplicity. Then come milk, cream and sugar for ice creams and lots of fruit, water and sugar for the sorbets. Looks easy seen this way. In reality it is like a tightrope exercise, since all the necessary ingredients must be searched and selected with careful attention and accuracy, not more and not less than this. Each ingredient has to be put into the condition to play its roles at best, creating delicate and perfect harmonies, without giving in to the temptation of shortcuts and compromises. And in our recipes we never give in to the easy solutions of hydrogenated fats, gelifiers, preservatives, emulsifiers and artificial aromas. All substances that are unsafe for our clients have no place in our recipes.

We believe that gelato is good only when it is healthy, light and natural at the same time, and when it makes you enjoy a full organoleptic experience and a depth of taste which industrial chemistry would cancel. Useless surplus of sugars and fats have the only effect of debasing gelato. Of course, it is infinitely more difficult to achieve quality through simplicity. But this is precisely where beauty and goodness lie.