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Our landThe people

The beauty and asperity of these places exalt human creativity. People here are not simply farmers, winegrowers, artisans or breeders: they are artists and authors. Since over here things cannot be done in the normal way: fatigue, competence, passion and tenacity are forced to blend into art. This is why our gelato cannot but be also an expression of the character of local people and land. The people we work withstrive every day to make you discover the treasures this territory has conserved through centuries of history. The quality we offer you is also the fruit of the inner quality of all the people we work with.

Our landOur tradition

In these places abides an ancient gastronomic tradition made up of sober and measured hues where balance and harmony play an essential role. Over time, this tradition has learned to use less to achieve more, and has been able to open up to precious contaminations and suggestions coming from distant worlds without, however, foregoing simplicity and lightness. Our recipes thus blend nutritive balance and taste pleasures in making simple, delicious and genuine gelato, faithfully reflecting the flavours and traditions of this land we live in.