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About usWhy here

There are perfumes and flavours that cannot be separated from the soul of the land they are born in. They fully reveal themselves when they are not confined to the sphere of taste, and manage to simultaneously speak through places, encounters, faces and stories. This is when the narrator itself is the landscape, the sea, the people and their traditions. Down here taste and quality are real because they enclose the special and inevitable relationship existing between man and his land. And it is a land that should be traversed, breathed in, listened to, contemplated and tasted,to be able to eventually encounter the wealth of its flavours. 

About usHow

We allow ourselves to take all the time we need to imagine, choose, experiment and create. This is a small luxury that only those who spend their days giving life to precious, small amounts of very selected product can allow themselves. It is a commitment we undertake in order to guarantee a really homemade product: unique, original and never repetitive. We work with those who breed and cultivate with faithfulness and respect, adopting organic and biodynamic methods. We acquire the raw materials from partners who share our same ethical values and uphold very high quality. We preferthe autochthonous species and local cultivars. This is a simple but effective way to incentivise their full recovery and preserve biodiversity. We use biodegradable and recyclable packaging.