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And also...Ice fresh

Granitas and Cremolatas: Fresh, joyous and tasty. Not to be eaten but drunk. You sip them.
Milkshakes: You choose and mix. Create your own personalized flavours, just your very own.
Ice Pops: Icicles of fresh fruit to be tasted on a stick or in a tube

And also...Fruit style

Smoothies: Velvety fruit smoothies, from breakfast to aperitif.
Juice Experience: Blended fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Healthy, energizing, vitaminic.
Organic Yoghurt from Val di Vara: From a unique and protected land, a fresh and creamy yoghurt of certified quality. To be tasted as natural or enriched with heather honey, berries, or other delicious homemade products.
Glamour Fruit: Spits, tartare, diced. The new look of fruit.

And also...Ice bar

Ice Coffee: Not only gelato and not only coffee: just the best of both.
Ice Drink: Gelato Aperitif or Aperitif gelato? There is only one way to find out... cheers!
Tagli & Affogati:Gelato covered with the smoothest hot chocolate, perfumed coffee or tempting liquors. 

And also...Crêpes

A simple but delicious recipe, made with local, genuine ingredients. The knack behind it all – le coup de main – learned from a Master of the old Breton school. This is how our crêpes are made. Destined to become gelato’s best friends. But also to be tasted with melted chocolate, cream and homemade jams, fresh fruit and much more...